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JuLY 2018

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Bad Call: A Summer Job on a New York Ambulance by Mike Scardino
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Recounts the author's experiences as a sensitive 1960s medical student who paid his way through college by working the summers as a New York City emergency-ambulance attendant.

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The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness: A Memoir by Graham Caveney
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A tribute to the power of the arts traces the journalist author's coming-of-age against a backdrop of the music and literature of the 1970s in north England, where his passions caught the attentions of a predatory mentor.

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Cancerland: A Medical Memoir by David Scadden with Michael D'Antonio
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The co-founder of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist illuminate the human side of cancer in an uplifting call to action that shares the stories of friends, children and others whose lives have been directly impacted.

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Crux: A Cross-border Memoir by Jean Guerrero
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The author chronicles her quest to find and save her charismatic, troubled and elusive father, a self-mythologizing Mexican immigrant who traveled across continents—and across the borders between imagination and reality—fleeing real and invented persecutors. A PEN America Literary Award winner.

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The Cryotron Files: The Untold Story of Dudley Buck, Pioneer Computer Scientist and Cold War Government Agent by Iain Dey
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Chronicles the riveting true story of Dudley Buck—American scientist, government agent and cold war hero—whose pioneering work with computer chips placed him firmly in the sights of the KGB.

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The Desert and the Sea: 977 Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast by Michael Scott Moore
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A journalist and the author of Sweetness and Blood chronicles his three years of captivity by Somali pirates, offering an exploration of foreign policy, religious extremism and the costs of survival in the process.

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Don't You Ever: My Mother and Her Secret Son by Mary Carter Bishop
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The author explains how she discovered she had a secret half-brother—whom her mother conceived during an affair, ended up in an orphanage and grew up a broken, disfigured man with a rare disease—and explores how upbringing affects who we are.

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Driven: A White-knuckled Ride to Heartbreak and Back by Melissa Stephenson
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The author discusses her road to hope following the death of her troubled brother via the series of cars that accompanied her during that part of her life.

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Empress: The Astonishing Reign of Nur Jahan by Ruby Lal
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The historian author of Coming of Age in Nineteenth Century India presents a deeply researched portrait of the 17th-century Mughal Empire ruler that illuminates her genius as a designer, architect, politician, hunter and partner.

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From the Corner of the Oval: A Memoir by Rebecca Dorey-Stein
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A behind-the-scenes memoir takes readers inside the Obama White House through the eyes of a young staffer learning the ropes, falling in love and finding her place in the world.

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Godspeed: A Memoir by Casey Legler
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A coming-of-age memoir by a former Olympic swimmer describes the crippling loneliness that marked her athletic childhood and her struggles with addiction and self-destructiveness prior to her diagnosis with autism.

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Jell-O Girls: A Family History by Allie Rowbottom
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A descendant of the Jell-O dynasty traces the privilege, addiction and illness that has impacted generations of her family, tracing her late mother's obsessive research into a link between their family's lifestyle and poor health.

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No One Tells You This: A Memoir by Glynnis MacNicol
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The co-founder of describes the discrimination she endured as a successful career woman without a spouse or child, tracing her midlife journey of self-discovery and how it challenged her beliefs about love, death, sex, friendship and loneliness.

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Tooth and Nail: The Making of a Female Fight Doctor by Linda D. Dahl
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Chronicles the coming of age of a surgeon in New York City and her experiences as one of the only female ringside boxing doctors for the New York State Athletic Commission.

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Useless Magic: Lyrics and Poetry by Florence Welch
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The singer-songwriter of Florence + The Machine presents a full-color illustrated collection of lyrics, art, ephemera and never-before-seen poetry.

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You're on an Airplane: A Self-Mythologizing Memoir by Parker Posey
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The "Queen of the Indies" star of such productions as Waiting for Guffman shares insider perspectives on a life in entertainment, exploring the therapeutic activities that enrich her life and her relationships with forefront directors.

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General Nonfiction

Astroball: The New Way to Win It All by Ben Reiter
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The Sports Illustrated writer who predicted the Houston Astros’ unexpected rise to win the World Series three years before it happened offers an account of the team's breathtaking 2017 season.

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Between Hope and Fear: A History of Vaccines and Human Immunity by Michael Kinch
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The author of A Prescription for Change presents an informed examination of the science of immunity, the public policy implications of vaccine denial and the real-world outcomes of failing to vaccinate.

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Buzz: The Nature and Necessity of Bees by Thor Hanson
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The conservation biologist and award-winning author of The Triumph of Seeds and Feathers presents a natural and cultural history of the bee that traces its evolution and varieties while evaluating the environmental hazards placing them at risk.

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Can You Tolerate This?: Essays by Ashleigh Young
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An already prize-winning collection of essays on youth and aging, ambition and disappointment, Katherine Mansfield tourism and New Zealand punk rock and the limitations of the body.

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Chasing the Demon: Chuck Yeager and the Band of American Aces Who Conquered the Sound Barrier by Dan Hampton
Reserve a copy of Chasing the Demon
The New York Times best-selling author of Viper Pilot and The Flight chronicles another thrilling chapter in American aviation history: the race to break the sound barrier.

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Chopin's Piano: In Search of the Instrument that Transformed Music by Paul Kildea

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The author of Benjamin Britten traces the history of musical Romanticism and Chopin's 24 Preludes through the instruments on which they were played, drawing on rare manuscripts to document the fate of his Mallorquin piano.

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Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive, Vol. 1 by Square Enix
Order a copy of Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive, Vol. 1
Available officially in English for the first time, a first of three fan-collectible archive books features original concept art, designer notes and other behind-the-scenes content from the first six Final Fantasy games.

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Happily Ever Esther: Two Men, a Wonder Pig, and Their Life-Changing Mission to Give Animals a Home by Steve Jenkins
Reserve a copy of Happily Ever Esther
The authors of Esther the Wonder Pig share the riotous story of how after leaving the city to open their farm sanctuary, they tackled the unexpected realities of farm life and eventually accepted dozens of animals.

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The History of the Future: How a Bunch of Misfits, Makers, and Mavericks Cracked the Code of Virtual Reality by Blake J. Harris
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The best-selling author of Console Wars presents the dramatic, larger-than-life true story behind the founding of Oculus and its quest for virtual reality.

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Homeplace: A Southern Town, A Country Legend, and The Last Days of a Mountaintop Honky-Tonk by John Lingan
Reserve a copy of Homeplace
Presents an intimate account of country music, social change and a vanishing way of life as a Shenandoah town collides with the 21st century.

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I See Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses by Lisa Scottoline & Francesca Serritella
Reserve a copy of I See Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses
The best-selling mother-daughter duo are back in this hilarious and heartfelt collection of stories that will strike a chord with every woman.

Reserve a copy of I See Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Just a Shot Away: Peace, Love, and Tragedy with the Rolling Stones at Altamont by Saul Austerlitz
Reserve a copy of Just a Shot Away
Explores how the 1969 Altamont Festival and the murder of 18-year-old Meredith Hunter during a performance by the Rolling Stones came to symbolize the end of an era and persistent racial tensions. By the author of Money for Nothing.

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Northland: A 4,000-Mile Journey Along America's Forgotten Border by Porter Fox
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The author of Deep draws on three years of exploration through the borderlands between Maine and Washington State to trace the northern border's rich and pivotal history, industries and famous contributors.

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The Omega Principle: Seafood and the Quest for a Long Life and a Healthier Planet by Paul Greenberg
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The best-selling author of Four Fish presents an eye-opening investigation of the history, science and business behind omega-3 fatty acids, the “miracle compound” whose story is intertwined with human health and the future of our planet.

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On the Ganges: Encounters with Saints and Sinners on India's Mythic River by George Black
Reserve a copy of On the Ganges
The author of Empire of Shadows presents an extraordinary tour of the Ganges that explores its major regions as well as the eclectic populations that worship the river, pollute it or visit it from all world regions.

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Valley of Genius: The Uncensored History of Silicon Valley, As Told by the Hackers, Founders, and Freaks Who Made It Boom by Adam Fisher
Order a copy of Valley of Genius
A candid and comprehensive oral history of Silicon Valley's secrets traces the disruptions and start-ups that impacted its economy from the origins of Apple and Atari through the present-day clashes of Google and Facebook.

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What to Read and Why by Francine Prose
Reserve a copy of What to Read and Why
The New York Times best-selling author of Reading Like a Writer celebrates the pleasures of reading and pays homage to the works and writers she admires above all others, from Jane Austen to Charles Dickens to Jennifer Egan.

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1968: Radical Protest and Its Enemies by Richard Vinen
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A major new history of one of the seminal years in the postwar world describes how rebellion and disaffection broke out around the globe on an extraordinary scale.

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The Billionaire Raj: A Journey Through India's New Gilded Age by James Crabtree
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Paints a colorful portrait of India’s new billionaire class and its role in a radically unequal society.

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The Brink: President Reagan and the Nuclear War Scare of 1983 by Marc Ambinder
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Documents the story of the 1983 war game that intensified nuclear brinkmanship between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union, recounting a series of close calls that tested period leadership over the course of an anxious two-year nuclear stalemate.

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The Cold War's Killing Fields: Rethinking the Long Peace by Paul Thomas Chamberlin
Order a copy of The Cold War's Killing Fields
Offers an international military history of the Cold War arguing that the decade-long superpower struggles were one of the three great conflicts of the 20th century alongside the two World Wars, and reveals how bloody the “Long Peace” actually was.

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A Covert Action: Reagan, the CIA, and the Cold War Struggle in Poland by Seth G. Jones
Order a copy of A Covert Action
Traces the Soviet-backed Polish government's 1981 efforts to impose martial law to suppress anti-communist activities, documenting the lesser-known role of the CIA's QRHELPFUL intelligence program and Eastern Europe's dissident groups in establishing a free and democratic Poland. Tour.

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Indianapolis: The True Story of the Worst Sea Disaster in U.S. Naval History and the Fifty-Year Fight to Exonerate an Innocent Man by Lynn Vincent & Sara Vladic
Reserve a copy of Indianapolis
An account of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis during World War II draws on original research and new reporting to trace the half-century battle to exonerate Captain Charles McVay after a wrongful court martial.

Reserve a copy of Indianapolis

The King's Assassin: The Secret Plot to Murder King James I by Benjamin Woolley
Order a copy of The King's Assassin
The author of The Queen's Conjurer draws on new historical scholarship to validate centuries of theories that James I may have been murdered by his gentleman of the royal bedchamber and lover, George Villiers.

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Lincoln's Last Trial: The Murder Case That Propelled Him to the Presidency by Dan Abrams & David Fisher
Reserve a copy of Lincoln's Last Trial
This gripping true story recreates Abraham Lincoln’s last murder trial—a case during which he defended the son of a close friend and loyal supporter who was accused of killing Lincoln’s mentor, and was forced to form an unholy alliance with a longtime enemy to win.

Reserve a copy of Lincoln's Last Trial

The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela by Nelson Mandela. Ed by Sahm Venter.
Order a copy of The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela
Published on the centenary of his birth, a selection of 255 of the anti-apartheid champion's letters, written during his incarceration, convey his intimate perspectives on such subjects as his wife's imprisonment, the death of his son and human rights.

Reserve a copy of The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela

The Future of Terrorism: ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Alt-Right by Walter Laqueur & Christopher Wall
Order a copy of The Future of Terrorism
Two terrorism experts trace the post-bin Laden rise of terrorism throughout the world as well as the surge in right-wing extremism in the United States, identifying specific environments and political decisions that contributed to present-day threats.

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Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath Our Feet by Will Hunt
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Explores the history, science, architecture and mythology of the subterranean landscape and in the process reengineers our relationship with the worlds beneath our feet.

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Eat Cake. Be Brave. by Melissa Radke
Reserve a copy of Eat Cake. Be Brave.
The East Texas "Upside Down French Braid" and "Red Ribbon" personality shares an empowering collection of essays about her midlife decision to be brave, change her life and regain her sense of self-worth.

Reserve a copy of Eat Cake. Be Brave.

Okay Fine Whatever: The Year I Went from Being Afraid of Everything to Only Being Afraid of Most Things by Courtenay Hameister
Reserve a copy of Okay Fine Whatever
The veteran host and head writer of Live Wire traces her lifelong battle with anxiety and the year she spent challenging herself to face her fears in remarkable ways, with laugh-out-loud results.

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Wanna Bet?: A Degenerate Gambler's Guide to Living on the Edge by Artie Lange with Anthony Bozza
Order a copy of Wanna Bet?
The Howard Stern Show comedian and co-star of HBO's Crashing explores his struggles with high-risk addiction to explain why he believes that the best gambler's high is achieved when the stakes are not monetary.

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Political Science

The Briefing by Sean Spicer
Reserve a copy of The Briefing
The former White House Press Secretary for Donald Trump presents a behind-the-scenes account of his turbulent seven-month tenure, offering new insights into the headline-grabbing controversies of the administration's first year.

Reserve a copy of The Briefing

Death of a Nation: Plantation Politics and the Making of the Democratic Party by Dinesh D'Souza
Reserve a copy of Death of a Nation
An India-born conservative challenges views that American society is built on racist policies, outlining controversial arguments that the nation's progressive agendas are actually destroying its history, culture and constitutional order.

Reserve a copy of Death of a Nation

The Death of Truth by Michiko Kakutani
Reserve a copy of The Death of Truth
A Pulitzer Prize-winning critic offers an analysis of our current condition—a world where truth has become an endangered species—and presents a new way forward for our truth-challenged times.

Reserve a copy of The Death of Truth

Exploding Data: Reclaiming Our Cyber Security in the Digital Age by Michael Chertoff
Order a copy of Exploding Data
The former Secretary of Homeland Security and author of Homeland Security: Assessing the First Five Years outlines powerful arguments for new laws and policies to protect society and individual autonomy from cyber-security threats.

Order a copy of Exploding Data

The Fall of Wisconsin: The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics by Dan Kaufman
Order a copy of The Fall of Wisconsin
Evaluates the deconstruction of state laws protecting voting rights, public health, the environment and education in the once-progressive state of Wisconsin, tracing the contributions of key leaders and activists in galvanizing resistance to the Trump administration.

Order a copy of The Fall of Wisconsin

Give People Money: How a Universal Basic Income Would End Poverty, Revolutionize Work, and Remake the World by Annie Lowrey
Order a copy of Give People Money
A global look at universal basic income—the idea of giving every citizen an annual stipend, no questions asked—explains why, in an age of rapid automation, it might just be our best hope.

Order a copy of Give People Money

The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis by Martha C. Nussbaum
Reserve a copy of The Monarchy of Fear
The award-winning moral philosopher and author of Upheavals of Thought presents an examination of America's turbulent political environment since the 2016 election, outlining recommendations for how to mend partisan divides.

Reserve a copy of The Monarchy of Fear

The Poisoned City: Flint's Water and the American Urban Tragedy by Anna Clark
Reserve a copy of The Poisoned City
Documents the 2014 poisoning of the residents of Flint, Michigan, by contaminated water, and the ensuing 18-month activism case that only got the state to admit its complicity after 12 people died and many others suffered permanent injuries.

Reserve a copy of The Poisoned City

The World As It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House by Ben Rhodes
Reserve a copy of The World As It Is
From one of Barack Obama’s closest aides comes a behind-the-scenes account of his presidency—and how idealism can confront harsh reality and still survive.

Reserve a copy of The World As It Is

True Crime

Blood & Ivy: The 1849 Murder that Scandalized Harvard by Paul Collins
Order a copy of Blood & Ivy
Traces the scandalous murder of a wealthy Harvard Medical School graduate and the ensuing trial that riveted mid-19th-century America, exploring how the case established important precedents in medical forensics and the definition of reasonable doubt.

Order a copy of Blood & Ivy

City of Devils: The Two Men Who Ruled the Underworld of Old Shanghai by Paul French
Reserve a copy of City of Devils
The best-selling author of Midnight in Peking traces the rags-to-riches story of self-made casino gangsters Jack Riley and Joe Farren, drawing on eyewitness accounts, letters and articles to trace their activities in the 1930s Shanghai underworld.

Reserve a copy of City of Devils

House of Heroin: Inside the Secret Billion-Dollar Narco-Terror Empire That Is Killing America by Haroon Ullah
Order a copy of House of Heroin
A veteran U.S. State Department official and former senior adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry provides a disturbing inside look at the Muslim Mafia, the organized crime syndicate that controls global opiate production and trafficking.

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